What Is OnTrack Greenville?

OnTrack Greenville is a community initiative to ensure students in Greenville, S.C. stay on track toward high school graduation. It is a whole child approach, using an innovative evidence-based drop-out prevention and school transformation model, designed to systematically address the challenges students face.

In partnership with schools and educators, students and their families, community philanthropic organizations and nonprofit support networks, the OnTrack Greenville collective impact model brings everyone together to address - in real time - the barriers students face, and keep them on the track to success before they disengage. 

The Whole Child Approach Model

OnTrack Greenville utilizes the whole-child approach to education which is defined as embracing policies, practices and relationships in each school, and community that are geared towards  ensuring that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

We accomplish this model by utilizing different parts:

  • Using a data system, GC Source built by Greenville County Schools, students are identified early when challenges take them off-track in attendance, behavior, and course performance.  

  • In response, OnTrack Teams facilitated by designated school staff and comprised of caring faculty, staff, and in some cases, community partners, wrap customized evidence-based supports around students to help them get back on track.  

  • Schools also use a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to support students. These supports include School Counselors, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, and School Psychologists.  Schools also have access to local community partners and non-profit organizations to assist students as needed.

  • We also implment additional evidence-based interventions at some of the higher need elementary, middle, and high schools through private philanthropic support.  Those interventions include:

Here are the schools currently implementing the full OnTrack program in Greenville:


Greenville County is one of the 2019 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize Winners, in part because of OnTrack's efforts to make education about learning, life and health. Watch this brief video to learn more.