Community Partners

It takes a village...

Part of what makes OnTrack Greenville's collective impact model so unique is the contribution of community partners to assist at-risk Greenville County students to address the barriers to success they face, and then work to keep them on track towards an on time graduation. 

The interventions and partners funded by OnTrack Greenville are evidence-based models that are proven to improve students' attendance, behavior or course performance by mitigating the barriers to success students face and keeping them on track towards an on time high school graduation.   

The partners in this unique collective impact model include:

These interventions are offered in alignment with existing and expanding resources to support students holistically, creating a positive ecosystem of support. Instead of the traditional siloed approach, the OnTrack Greenville model leverages each community partner's key strengths and resources to best serve a student's needs.

[At the Early Warning Response System meetings,] it's a combined effort. Each person with a separate set of skills can sit around a table to try to figure out a way to help this one child. That leads to the second, to the third, to the six hundred kids we serve.

—William Price, former Principal, Tanglewood Middle School