Our Work

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OnTrack Greenville embraces best practices to ensure every child is socially, emotionally and physically healthy, safe, engaged and supported. Using an Early Warning Response System (EWRS), schools can identify students in need of additional supports. OnTrack ensures that these supports are sustainable, evidence-based and meeting the needs of our students. 

Beginning in 2013, the Greenville County School District invested in the development and implementation of an EWRS. This tool allows schools to monitor key indicators that predict progress toward graduation. The three most commonly monitored indicators are Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance.

Greenville County’s EWRS monitors these indicators to not only look at school-level trends, but to also identify students for targeted support or interventions. Through the school district's partnership with OnTrack Greenville, the EWRS was piloted in OnTrack Greenville schools and then rolled out to all 88 schools county-wide.

Using what is called the “OnTrack process,” our teams of caring faculty, staff and community partners come together to determine the best course of action for each student. We then use customized evidence-based supports to help these students get back on track. Unique to OnTrack Greenville schools, there are full-time OnTrack Facilitators that manage their school’s team, coordinate more intensive community supports and identify school-wide strategies for addressing school climate.

In addition to supporting the dedicated OnTrack Facilitator position, our partners have the opportunity to build relationships with other dedicated partners who provide high-quality programs and services in their areas of expertise. 

I have been amazed by OnTrack. It is the most impressive school initiative that I have ever been a part of.

– Jay Grady, Assistant Principal, Tanglewood Middle School