kids in classroom

Our Response

Research by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Chicago identified an indisputable connection between middle grades indicators and high school graduation.

Middle school attendance and course grades, particularly in Math and English, are the two single greatest indicators of high school graduation and post-secondary success. In fact, these two indicators are more highly correlated to high school graduation than family educational level, income and race.

However, there is hope. Research has also proven that by intervening early through evidence-based interventions, schools and community partners can not only get students back on track, but also help break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

I hope we can all see the urgency of students who are struggling. We don't have time to waste. Because a student doesn't have a year - within a year, they've lost a lot. They shut down. It's more difficult for students coming from poverty, or just coming from stressful situations. They don't have to come from poverty to be struggling.

– Dr. Jason McCreary, Director of Accountability and Quality Assurance, Greenville County Schools