Our Partners

Prisma Health School-Based Health Centers address physical, behavioral and mental health needs of OnTrack students. This includes referrals to specialists, finding medical support groups, sports physicals and needed vaccinations. These centers also offer mobile health clinics, health education and telehealth services.

The Trauma Informed Social Worker helps connect OnTrack Greenville to the social and emotional infrastructure provided through Greenville County Schools. This role works directly with staff and teachers to equip them with self-care tools, learning opportunities and the skills to serve as advocates for their OnTrack students.

Communities In Schools of Greenville offers case management, school-wide engagement strategies and mentoring.

BellXcel engages students through summer learning with the goal of building leaders for the rest of their lives.

Public Education Partners (PEP) elevates teachers by providing meaningful opportunities to be recognized and celebrated. Additionally, PEP provides book studies and opportunities for continued learning, as well as deep dialogue.